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Just as a ship needs a steady rudder to navigate stormy seas, our Careers require the steadiness of values to weather challenges and embrace opportunities. From the thrill of landing a dream job to the satisfaction of making a meaningful impact, it’s our values that anchor us, allowing us to remain steadfast in our pursuits.

Your Career values are the things that are most important to you in your work life. They can be things like work-life balance, learning and development, making a difference in the world, or being creative. When you know your Career values, you can make better decisions about your Career, such as what jobs to apply for, what companies to work for, and what kind of work you want to do.

Your values aren’t concealed; here’s how to bring those concepts to the forefront of your awareness.

Self-Reflection: Peeling Back the Layers

Identifying your Career values begins with looking inward. Reflect on your past experiences and pinpoint moments when you felt genuinely satisfied and engaged. What was it about those experiences that made them stand out? Was it the opportunity to lead a team, the chance to make a difference, or the freedom to exercise creativity?

Defining Your Values: The Core of Your Being

As you reflect, you’ll start to uncover words that capture the essence of what you hold dear in your Career. These words could include innovation, collaboration, growth, balance, autonomy, or impact. They are the principles that you believe in, the elements you’re not willing to compromise on in your professional life. Write them down – they are the building blocks of your Career values.

Seeking Inspiration: Role Models and Beyond

Sometimes, our values are reflected in the people we admire. Consider individuals you look up to – mentors, leaders, or even historical figures. What qualities or characteristics do they possess that resonate with you? These qualities can be indicators of the values that resonate with your own aspirations.

Your Career’s Story: Analyzing Past Experiences

Examine your previous roles and experiences. What parts of those journeys left you feeling fulfilled and energized? Conversely, what aspects left you disengaged or unfulfilled? By analyzing these moments, you can unearth patterns and clues about the values that were present or absent in those situations.

Decision-Making and Alignment: Asking the Right Questions

When faced with Career decisions, ask yourself whether they align with your core values. Will a particular opportunity allow you to express what truly matters to you? By answering these questions, you ensure that your choices resonate with your authentic self.

Prioritizing Alignment: The Art of Balance

Incorporating your Career values into your decision-making process doesn’t mean you’ll never face challenges or setbacks. However, it ensures that you’re on a path that feels right for you.

Welcoming Change: Evolution and Growth

Remember that your Career values can evolve over time. As you gain new experiences, learn from challenges, and grow as an individual, certain values may become more prominent while others may take a back seat.

Do you know what personal values drive your Career Choices? Or you are yet to figure out?

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