How do we add value?

Talent Research

Talent Mapping from Target Companies.

Enriching your Hiring Eco-System

Extended Talent Pool.

Turnaround time

1:15 approach in 96 hours.

Your Interview Bandwidth

Guaranteed Utilization!

Principle Centred Selling

Sharing “Well-Researched” data In-Sights with candidates, being a real Career Well-Wisher.

Strategic Partner (Not a Vendor)

We act as an “Extended Team”.


30-50 interviews in a week / 6-8 offers in a month / 50 to 100 in 300 days.

Cost Savings

Typically, a single RPO is equivalent to 4 Internal Resources.

A Relationship of Success

We can customize the engagement model based on your business goals (Duration/Effort/Dynamic Business goals).

Our Offerings


"We Envision Ourselves as a Renowned Technology Hiring Company that Empowers Individual Careers and Impacts Technology Businesses Globally."


"We strive to bring about Excellence in the Technology Space by Building High-Performing Teams and Businesses, backed by our thorough fact-finding and Recruitment Analytics."

Faster Hiring, No Compromises - Start Building Your Dream Team Today.

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Guaranteed Scaling Solutions

We build the recruiting sales engine for you. With a team of passionate and bright minds who have a solid understanding of the Global Technology Talent Hiring Ecosystem, we strive to achieve results by combining your intention and our action.






Client retention rate


Customer derived from referrals


Reduction in time to hire


Fewer recruiter screens per hire

Let's Partner

CX RPO – The Master Plan

When you put the right people in the right role at the right time, everything else in business becomes more manageable. Our customized RPO solutions help you directly optimize your talent acquisition spend while boosting your hiring speed. Get from 05-50 and beyond with our rapid scaling solutions, which adapts to meet your specific strategic goals with guaranteed interview bandwidth utilization.

Interview Pack – Quick Key Hires

Effective leaders are known to empower their teams and lead their organizations to greatness. CX interview pack ensures your ideal fit. With our extensive experience in hiring leadership roles, our solutions are personalized for all of your critical needs (Leadership Roles/ Executive Search/India Head Positions). Try us with your most Difficult Recruiting Puzzles.

Code clear Pack – The Bar Raiser

Do you intend to hire the most diligent candidates who can code like a pro? In today's world, hiring applicants based on their real-world skills is the smart move. Try out our code clear pack, which evaluates a candidate's coding skills, personality traits, and learning abilities. We seek to build a quick pipeline of code-clear candidates who are active and available.



Let's Build the Future. Together.

100% of our clients are through Word-of-Mouth. Reach us and we promise to reach out in less than 24 hours.