by Prithvi N Shahdeoon 28 January, 2022

Title: Measure What Matters (OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth)

Author: John Doerr

Theme: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Portfolio Penguin

Published: 26th April 2018

Pages:  320

Author Overview:

John Doerr is a world-renowned venture capitalist who has backed some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs & businesses and has spent the last two decades investing in green companies tackling climate change. John Doerr is a member of the Google, Zynga, and Amyris boards of directors. He was a member of US President Barack Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



We’ve all been in a position when our desire to accomplish something is high, but it eventually fades owing to a variety of factors. “Measure What Matters” is an excellent book for people who have a strong desire to achieve goals that they believe are out of reach.

You’ve certainly heard a lot about companies failing to capitalize on their finest possibilities because they don’t have a framework in place to manage focus, alignment, and responsibility. “Measure What Matters” outlines how “OKRs” (Objectives and Key Results) might aid in the success of businesses.

The book ‘Measure What Matters’ is interpreted in two ways. The first section of the book illustrates the notion through a variety of success stories ranging from Google to various enterprises, while the second section emphasizes the necessity of change and explains how philosophy needs to adjust to accommodate the new way of thinking.

The Author explains the four Superpowers on which the OKRs model is built upon,

  • The first is to concentrate on a small number of initiatives that can have a significant impact while avoiding the less important ones; this allows executives to commit to those decisions and results in a successful organization.
  • The second is the ability to align and connect. OKRs require that not just goals be freely stated but that they also align with the company’s overall game plan’s objectives.
  • The third superpower of OKRs is that they can be tracked; they are data-driven, with regular check-ins, objective grading, and constant reassessment.
  • The final OKR superpower is the system’s ability to inspire people to achieve greater heights than they previously believed feasible. Setting conservative goals stifles innovation, but setting ambitious ‘stretch’ goals pushes people to venture beyond their comfort zones.

The book demonstrates how the method can be used by teams of any size, how startups must work together, scaling firms must have a common language for execution, and larger organizations must improve alignment. OKRs can aid in each scenario.

The book’s insights mention how, In 1999, John Doerr invested millions in a small startup with incredible technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and sky-high expectations, but no actual business plan. Seeking which John Doerr introduced the founders to his methodology of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and the startup expanded at an exponential rate with those concepts at the heart of their management and is known for being one of the best places to work (Google)

Few chapters in the book are written by industry leaders, telling the story of how OKRs helped them to reach their companies’ objectives.

‘Measure What Matters’ is a book on facts and case studies, and for the first time, John Doerr provided a wide range of first-person, behind-the-scenes case studies with narrators such as Bono and Bill Gates. Doerr’s introduction of OKRs to tech titans and charities that exceed all expectations are mentioned in the book.

It is a must-read book since it will assist you in rethinking and innovating your company’s strategy and culture. The book advocates for an open and transparent culture that fosters employee involvement and innovation.



Jim Collins: ‘Measure What Matters deserves to be fully embraced by every person responsible for performance in any walk of life.’

Sheryl Sandberg: Measure What Matters shows how any organization or team can aim high, move fast, and excel.’

Gordon Moore: ‘Measure What Matters takes you behind the scenes for the creation of Intel’s powerful OKR system.’

Larry Page: I wish we had this book 19 years ago when we founded Google.

Diane Greene: Measure What Matters is an essential handbook for both small and large organizations; the methods described will definitely drive great execution

Reid Hoffman: Whether you’re a seasoned CEO or a first-time entrepreneur, you’ll find valuable lessons, tools, and inspiration in the pages of Measure What Matters. I’m glad John invested the time to share these ideas with the world

Mellody Hobson: Measure What Matters will transform your approach to setting goals for yourself and your organization.

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