by Kiranon 4 January, 2015

Take a movement ask yourself this “what is it you have that you own loosing is not worth greatness?” If you can answer that I would be grateful to you because not all of us are under any kind of obligation to answer that but it’s a choice. Choice as they say is always the problem we are told/convinced by ones around us to choose the path of least resistance leading to a comfortable life and a peaceful one. “Good is the enemy of great”. Everybody wants to sit on a river bed watch the current go by and think of what could have been instead of what he can do. Trying to catch a current and riding the waves well that’s very few are born with it and fewer still know what to do with the drive and the instinct to succeed in life.

Ask yourself why one person of your age your community is more successful than you having the same 24/7 time just because someone wears a Swiss watch he can’t stop time and run back and do things ‘no’ we all have same amount of time. It’s what is done of that time is what matters. The answer is very simple despite your best efforts you are not doing it right or you are not doing the right things. A small fish in a big pond can grow in to a big fish in it but a big fish cannot its better off is a good example.

Constant hunger is what drives the winning crowd because the drive to success is alone enough if you have the will to achieve. The very relentless perusal is what drives the greats. Because they know there is no end to achieving things in life it’s just a “check point” once you reach one it’s on to the next one because if you choose to convince yourself to rest someone else will take the lead.

Drive is why we live a purpose a meaning for our very existence some are driven to race, some are driven to play music, some are driven to achieve at school and some are driven to survive reasons differ but the destinations the same.

Tenacity is a trait not for the faint hearted “Babe Ruth says you can’t beat someone who never gives up” it’s true to every word be it the racing fields or be it chasing your targets as long as you don’t give up you haven’t lost the fight and when you give it your all you will succeed regardless what your score is you win.

Winning like everything else in this world has a price and the price to pay is ruthless relentless hard work and those who risk it all always win what is the most you can lose nothing so stop trying to do it and just do it. Many have a tendency that winning is journey from point a to b but no you have 24 more letters to deal with so it’s a constant improvement programme that has no end but only beginning you goal keeps getting bigger and bigger best we can do is build up an arsenal of skills “particular set of skills” and aim at it. Change is painful it hurts in all its might but when you refuse to you have a lifetime of hurt as though you are suspended in space.

Why do some fight? It’s a classic question it has got everything to do with can only be explained when you watch the first cyclist of the pelotons passes the finish line after sprinting at nearly 100 km/l just to get the few minutes of lead and when he finishes the next stages. Ask a sprinter on a track who just got his 100 meter win ask a sales executive who just made his first big digit pay check, it’s an unexplainable phenomenon they can’t rest they are not satisfied by mediocre results it’s all or nothing.

Why some risk it all? We risk it all because we don’t have anything to lose its something no machine or a few species of animals are capable of doing that’s what sets us apart from being bionic.

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