by Kiranon 20 October, 2014

An interview is basically a formal interaction which would make even the toughest quake. Let it be the smartest person in your class or the toughest jock who won last year’s football match. Some say it’s a war situation between David and Goliath sort of a situation. However you can even out the odds by doing a few sensible and common things that actually works.

Three very simple steps to success that can actually help you turn every interview in to a successful crusade.


Step one

Sleep tight

Why? Well I get this question whenever I tell some one about this reason is simple our brain essentially performs like a high performance sports engine it needs rest. As a result low stress levels, more focus, reduced chances of failure to perform tests provided during the time of interview and most important of all helps you relax

Arrive early and Stay calm

It is imperative you arrive on time because it shows how important the job is and as they say ‘first impression is the best one’ so make a good impression on the first meeting. There would be a lot going on a new environment creates a state of anxiety how use your imagination! And best thing to do would be Calm and composed to keep your nerves.

Mind your Presence/Attire/Posture/manners

Mind yourself wouldn’t suffice so mind you presence good mood is infectious and a smile even better. Wear appropriate attire and carry accurate accessories not your wardrobe where in it should be functionality  and sensibility are your two best friends.90 percent of human communication is non verbal so  watch out what message you are giving out and ensure they are positive. Most important of all be e nice it counts. A simple thank you goes a long way.


Step two

Prepare your resume as per the position

Revisit your resume from the point of view of the interviewer. It may provide insight into the company’s employee need something that would certainly be advantageous to know going in. So edit it based on key terms of the Job description quotes.

Ensure your skills are up to date

Ensure the skills mentioned on the job description are what the responsibilities are what you looking for  and  you are not walking in to a Mexican standoff,  so be very clear  about your skill set don’t give any wrong idea to the interviewer.

Make sure to carry necessities not your trophy cabinet

Carry only necessary documentation and answer to the point don’t over exaggerate it could land you in a heap of trouble as you are new to the company.


Step three

Be attentive

Being attentive is very important as situations change and so does environment with each interview. Honestly Environmental and Situational awareness are your best wingmen if your mission is landing the job with flying aces

Stay focused

It is vital to stick to your goal no matter what be clearly present in the environment don’t worry if it works out,  don’t worry about what you can do with your life, don’t worry what to do with money you earn, most important of all don’t lose sight.

Be prepared to let go

Not every man who walks in to a interview room is a hire, so if things don’t work out or the other way around be prepared to let go and move on Its not about whether the company chooses you it is you who have to ultimately make the decision ,so make a clear conscious decision

A few General guidelines that actually help

  1. Practice, practice, practice no harm not there are any new shortcuts to hard work so practice
  2. Research the position, the company, and current affairs about your current position
  3. Anticipate the questions you feel will be asked, then prepare sample answers don’t overdo it
  4. Prepare open-ended questions to ask interviewer don’t burden then not all are like indeed people
  5. Prepare a list of relevant experiences and examples demonstrating your ability to do the job.

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