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Interviewer is the person who takes the interview; there is more to it than what meets the eye here because of all the people he is one who would work the hardest because he needs to find the fine blend of skill and initiative backed by the right attitude. Skill can be developed over time so can the initiatives given enough lucrative opportunities and rewards but attitude is born in you cannot be taken changed and developed so watch out.

An interviewer is probably has to be  one of the most persistent , patient,  empathic, and  ludicrous at times to ease the edge off a certain group of candidates who are often talented but are impartially introverts. He has the responsibility to hold the common interest of the company and not personal so he strikes the balance and he is clearly responsible for the organizations well being.

Pre interview checklist/ Observations

Before hiring process begins first and foremost we need to do is a pre interview analysis which defines a predetermined path or order of things during the course of interviews a few useful steps as follows:

Evaluation of persona and behavioral checklist

A person is clearly defined by his persona or the way on describes oneself. This is an actual indication as to how one perceives and behaves in life both personal and professional. This is indicated by studying his/her work patterns and frequency of job changes and also the reasons as to why the change happened. Based on the study a predictive analysis needs to be developed leading to build up of a checklist this shows all the possible traits and set expectations as to whether the person matches the current role or not.

Previous employer

It is essential a brief study of previous work history is carefully analyzed because it shows what kind of work one has done in the past what value addition is been made and what achievements are done and how they can make a difference.


In case of a fresher or an experienced professional education says it all it indicates what sort of an achiever you are and how consistently you retained your ranking or scores all this matters because winning is like a bad hobbit it’s hard to lose it if you can find a true achievers you can’t go wrong on hiring them. Essentially it makes it easy for us to find a top scorer. It is not a basic criteria but a mere filter there is more to it than just grades. Most drop outs and average pass outs are also achievers but they are more versatile and need I say more about Steve Jobs saga is a fine example of such achievers.

Achievement roster

It is not for everyone to compete in spots, competitions, championships and other extracurricular activities, because it takes a lot more grit and reading out of a book and writing an exam it takes ingenuity and maneuverability to handle a competition. “Adaptive” or “adaptability” is one skill/ trait that makes a difference , they learn through competing in numerous competition such people take a lot less time in learning new skills and gel well with new teams.

Direct Interview observation

An interview especially a face to face is conducted so that the person meets the previously mentioned checklist any Questions you have from the pre interview checkup will be answered here

Body language

Speaking without speaking is what body language is. No matter how hard you train body language is one thing that reflects your true personality involuntarily whether you like it or watch out for signs that give away more than you think .Habit personality behavioral pattern and behavioral analysis all are assessed at this stage.

Attire and accessories

What you wear is what you are clothes speak surprised don’t be because all the tiny decision that happen happens involuntarily in the same cognitive area that rests your attitude function of the brain so you might speak something but your clothes speak otherwise. Same goes for your accessories don’t carry too many things don’t run out of things. Take a more of a functional approach while packing and don’t overdo it causing a spillage of unnecessary things.

Attitude and perception

Not only do you carry yourself and accessories you carry something some don’t realize they carry and that’s the attitude because interview is basically all about the way you carry yourself and the perception you have toward the company at large if you are emotionally intelligent enough you would understand what mask to wear for what occasion.

Post interview checklist/Observation

You have taken the interview left the place its over not for the interviewer here’s where the test begins that would reflect your mannerism and truly test your commonsense of professional behavioral expectations

Follow up

Observations are made by interviewers when a candidate leaves they must be courteous enough if not courteous or at least curious enough to find out the status of the interview. No need for formalities here though but it is expected of one to just a simple thanks to go about for the opportunity given would actually strike a positive note with the company sometimes may not hire you now but it actually goes a long way.

Behavioral alterations

A person cannot be determined or accepted with a single meeting for example you may meet an introvert who has more skill than his resume but is unable to express it or vice versa so these behavioral alterations must be carefully assessed and ensure a good skill is not lost.

Common guidelines to newbie interviewers

  • It is not a quiz game don’t wait for answers observe the efforts he makes to know the answer it means “learnability.”
  • It is not about how much he knows about the company ask how did he come to know about it shows “adaptability.”
  • Show some interest and ask about the other fields of his study and if he has more than one he is a jack of all trades which is good it shows “versatility.”
  • Be emotionally inert don’t make funny faces especially not in front of a freshman it reflects really bad on company’s part
  • Both the last two statements may represent contradicting versions of the same statement unfortunately both are true because as an interviewer you have to realize and find the balance in things.

Common Guidelines for job seekers

  • Do your homework or get ready to be schooled.
  • It is bad manners to tell an interviewer that I have not done adequate research about the firm no matter what reasons you have.
  • Don’t carry your trophy chest like mentioned before be functional.

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