by Kiranon 27 October, 2014

What is a start up?
It is a vaguely defined terminology and past few years it has been one of the most researched word on the internet Google to be more precise. Let’s take a simplified approach a start up is essentially an organization established for someone’s idea as well as business model to understand how, when and why it’s scalable. Quit essentially it’s a very expensive science experiment.
Wiki Quotes a start up as

“A startup company or startup is a company or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”

A startup is an idea being materialized and it takes years and years of sheer hard work and not many have the courage, conviction and determination as to pursue an idea. If they can it will be one of the most successful Companies. One of many examples is modern-day technology giants such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook.
Now as to the question the billion dollar question goes “why join one?” Well let’s get the facts right.

Learning curve

One apparent advantage you have when you join a start up would be that your learning curve becomes shorter and your skills grow and evolve as a result you are more aware. Any startup would generally trail you on the job unlike a few corporate where you attend class room session as to what to do and by the time you realize or face the adversities explained scenario the acquired skill is lost. As the result of human brains ability of retention is about 50 percent of the data input. It’s not intentional it’s not stress it’s completely natural.

Entrepreneurial mindset
As a part of a start up you are more prone to develop a different mindset altogether as to why it’s simple you are exposed to every aspect of the business be it making your own coffee to meeting the highest players in your business. So you grow without your own knowledge and your mind set changes from a narrow cubicle to a world of opportunities.

Versatility of skills
The kind of learning that happens in a state up scene is incredible you learn not for your job at hand but what you will handle in the near future. The tasks are not assigned not based on what you are hired for but based on what you are good at this is one way to truly discover your skills and what you really want to do and excel in it. Don’t consider it a job but an effort you are making to know what you are made of and to truly understand yourself. It’s not that you are hired to do something you have to do that alone, no you are free to explore “only the path is shown not the way to approach it”. This only happens in a startup.

Initiative orientation
Know this initiative and organized behavior take you to great heights when it comes to working in a startup environment. Here you don’t succeed if you lead from the back you have to lead from the front this is the key most people starting the business don’t understand but this is an open secret misunderstood and misguide by primitive thinking of the tall structural facet as a result the tower grows taller and the higher they go the harder they fall.

Career not job
There is a strong debate as to career and a job mean same or are they different well, the truth is it’s all up to you if you are looking for a career and not a job a startup is opt for you. As to why should you pursue a career its simple let’s say you are a mail man you deliver letter it’s a job and you do it on cue is expected this is a typical job perspective. Now from a career perspective you do it on time or before to delight them develop mannerisms and greet the receiver with a smile and show commitment and never miss out on dead line that’s a career.
Here are a few more things that are advantages when you join a start up
• You really get to show case your skills and achieve life goal
• You may become a future entrepreneur
• You learn hard work is the only way to do things
• Discipline comes naturally to those who work in a start up
• You become more conscious and aware of the system as well as industry at large

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