by Kiranon 9 January, 2015

Greatness and success doesn’t not necessarily need be measured, in fact it’s immeasurable and  un-quantifiable in any measures. Trouble what is good to some may be great to others who are deprived of it and what is great for some is only one stop to another. Quality of work we do should be the same it requires undeterred dedication towards what you do and incomparable commitment.

Success is not optional it’s inevitable if you seek betterment whether your efforts are visible or invisible you will receive visible and invisible rewards. But the journey however is unforgiving and tire some only those brave enough and crazy enough will finish the journey, because you either brave enough to persevere or you are crazy enough to improvise.

Here are a few pointers to do great work

Find what you really enjoy doing- Manu greats have told us and I rephrase it, “It is imperative that you find a job or work that gives you purpose in life and never postpone your dreams. You can do great work only when you find something you like to do every day of your life its real freedom and freedom is hard work.

Limit your focus-Having toomany things in the same plate deprives  you from enjoying it but if you can limit the dilemma of choices you can rid yourself of unwanted distractions and focus what needs to be done and look good doing it. When you carefully do a funnel analysis of skillsets and operability with a proper study of the end result you should be able to come on top if you focus the field is yours

Don’t take options utilize opportunities- Choice like they say will always be a problem because our understanding of the chain of things that happen and unravel is limited. So best remedy to it is to anticipate opportunities as present themselves and identifying the ones that go in our favour. .

Value your skills don’t mutualize them- Specific set of skills are really hard to find in current masked Job market and it may take hundreds of filters before we can conclude a set of skills that make any sense. So learn the real value of your skills  know what you are worth and understand where the area of improvement can be made to suit current skill needs and bridge the gap with a little ingenuity so you have the edge. “Simple understanding peace is all about having the bigger stick than your opponent.”

Learning is endless- Learning can be defined as an endless void that only leads you where you start it’s the infinity of sell improvement and endless cycle of permanent change in behaviour. Learning never ends unless you acknowledge the fact that it is improvement is never going to progress. There  is nothing more permanent that change in itself and leaning is permanent change in behaviours once we master in set of skills it’s on to the next one in that sense it is a never ending process of Recognition > Evaluation > Implementation > Corrective action.

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