by Kiranon 30 January, 2015

We all agree to a simple yet subtle fact, It doesn’t matter how good, how great how clever and ingenious, how resourceful one is life will knock you out cold. Occasionally we all have bad days weeks months even years. The sole reason such things happen is when you let it and choose for it to happen because understand this it’s all in your hands both right  and wrong choices  all you need to do is choose. There are no co- incidences but a cause and effect there is no seconding the fact everything that happens around us is somehow our own doing.

So steel your mind yes you heard it correctly metaphorically speaking it means harden your mind or alternatively and synonymously used for terms such as become thick skinned and various other figurative sense.

Bruce lee was probably one of the best example of the term because he was a pioneer not only in martial arts but also as a teacher. He went through hardships many of us only can imagine and not dare step in his shoes. He was not just a martial artist he was a visionary and a thinker as well his teachings necessarily are not confines to martial artists every day average Joe can understand them. He trained himself in Wing Chun a rare form of Chinese martial arts which later he made his own version like he says to his students “find a way make your own way”.  It’s not about following in someone else’s footsteps or trying to be somebody you’re not.  It’s about unleashing your best version of yourself.  According to Bruce, “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

Here are a few humble observations I made through his book “Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts”: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living (The Bruce Lee library)

Know yourself

Knowing is half the battle applicable for anything in life if you know where you want to be you know what to do when you know what to do you know how to think when you know what to think then you know how to achieve it put it in to action congratulation you have achieved in life.

Absorb what is useful

Not everything in life that you come across is for you. Control your tongue you will be treated as wise control your emotion you will become tolerant control your appetite you will become healthier. So it’s all about controlling yourself temptations are always present it’s like a current in the river the movement you step in you will be floating away without your own control. So understand this you are what you choose to be.

Aim past your target

There is never a target but a ladder you reach it and go beyond it that is applicable in your skills your career your life. As much as it is important to keep your identity and not imitate others you must also think beyond what you see if your good aim to be the best that is the only way you achieve in life.

Focus on growth

No matter how hard things get keep moving forward If it’s meant to be it will be if it’s not it’s not have the courage to follow your heart and answer the calling as it only once you live and live to the fullest.

Master your mind and body

“It’s not enough just to be smart.  It’s not enough just to master your body.  Your body and mind support each other.  Your body helps turn what you think or dream up into results”.  According to Bruce, “As you think, so shall you become.”

Be Single Minded

The fighter is to always be single-minded with one object in view—to fight, looking neither backward nor sideways. He must get rid of obstructions to his forward movement, emotionally, physically or intellectually.

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