by Kiranon 19 November, 2014


A simple yet supple term that says more than what it means. Essentially what the message it’s trying to give out is you either commit yourself to whatever you do or you don’t do it at all.

Every year a group of thousands of young, talented, strong men and women are chosen from the army to recruit them in to marines. Not many make it as most of us know it is one of the most unforgiving, intense and toughest training regimen created in the entireworld. If they make it they will turn out to be the finest warriors respected and feared among the rest of the armed forces. Notbecause they are the strongest they are the toughest because the terms “go hard or go home” is literally embedded in to their DNA.

As real as it may seem all our lives we are taught our limits which guide us which help us find our way in life which act as bench marks through and through. Limits that keep u safe from uncertainty and unknown. But at the end of it all ask yourself have you really made an impact that you can see for yourself. If the answer is ‘no’ then it was a life short lived and wasted efforts defining your every attempt to greatness.

Overcoming the dogma that you want to escape something you can’t define and understand fully is the hardest thing you can attempt to do. Better yet the question is can you really do it?

The answer is simply ‘yes’. Every person is given an equal opportunity and we all share the same old watch that ticks 24 and 7 with 52 weeks and 365/366 days. Then how is it some make it and some don’t the answer lies in the question at large, because it’s not about how much time you have in your hands or a matter of what you achieved it’s all about how much you really want it and how bad.

Everything conspires deep in your mind deeper than you can ever think “what you think is what you are or what you will become” all you need to do is dedicate and discipline yourself and have the drive to want it so bad as bad as you want to breathe when you are underwater then that shows we are getting somewhere.

A competitive sport especially cycling is a good example for pushing limits we all have same physical composition flesh, blood and bones the same are use in a cycling competition. If education serves right it will tell you this is what you can do and nothing else but if you add a secret ingredient called “tenacity” no one can will stand between you and success. But if you have to get there you best friends are determination, patience and most importantly undying resolution to get there.

Same applies to real life situation whether it’s your job or be it any achievement you want to reach in real life you are guide in a certain path which leads you to a dead end and tells you this is a wall and it stays it keeps you there if you choose to but if you dig deep break the fears and crack the wall world is your playground and let no one tell you otherwise.

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