by Kiranon 5 November, 2014

Every once in a while there comes a time when you are faced with adversities and every adversity has its solution and in order to find a solution you have to make a choice. Generally choice always has been is and forever will be a real pain as we all know ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction ‘or in this case it’s a ‘consequence’. Consequence here refers to a job being accepted.

A job offer essentially is an end result of a series of discussions where person is asked a series of questions that happen to find out he persons intellectual abilities and his willingness to pursue a particular job.  A job that eventually becomes his/ her career.

Now let’s see things to consider before accepting an offer like all process human cognitive function deduces all possibilities of accepting and rejecting an offer where by eliminating chances of failure to perform resulting he will stand where he started off or back to the drawing board situation. So, it is necessary a thorough systematic analytic thought must be in place before taking (accepting) an offer.

Stop and go

A job offer is essentially an end result then the process of debating begins whether as to accept it or not believe me about 75% of job offers are chosen due to one of these two reasons one would be salary the other would be ease of access or near the work place. The dogma as to choice arises when there are multiple choices again choice is the problem. The solutions is simple stop and think for a movement are you really going to do what you want to do for the rest of your life, are you going to be happy and can you see scalable and reasonable amount of growth in it. If you can answer these questions then you are ready to go and accept an offer.

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Accepting a job offer is only the beginning don’t consider as a short run it’s a long run process like a marathon it needs to be done thoughtfully where in you need to conservatively approach it rather than aggressively as it would exhaust you and leave you in a state of pandemonium. So you must understand it’s a very long term commitment and must be planned and executed in a conservative as well as systematic manner. Consider various aspects like “the kind of people you will work with”, the magnitude of technical problems you will be solving”, “how close this job will take you towards your career aspirations”, “ how do you rate the interview process in terms of standards of questions, the  work culture, impact of the role et al, and definitely other aspects like compensation, location, “work – life balance assumptions” all have to be kept in mind while the thought process is in progress.

Do what you do best leave out all the rest

As mentioned earlier some very minute things can mean the difference between a good choice and bad choice sometimes you must accept an offer and have a little faith because a good company understands people and their needs and accordingly designs compensation as salary is most certainly a personal matter and have good processes in place. So accept an offer with good faith you worry about what you are hired to do le the company worry about the rest.

Robert Kiyosaki’s an American investor and a motivational speaker states   “when you are young work to learn and not to earn”because if you earn a lot of money you have it till you spend it but if you acquire a new skill it lasts a lifetime.

Few tips to remember before accepting a job offer:

  • Is the location good for you as travelling too long will wear you out and it hinders your performance.
  • Culture is the key to having good relations in an organization and their attitude employees have towards their employer
  • Understand all three dimensions of your role and do an in- depth analysis of your career prospects
  • Think about how you can add value to the company and grow along with the company.
  • Consider and visualize whether the compensation is adequate for you to lead a content life.



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