by Akshayon 13 November, 2014

Experience put together,I am a Fresher out of the University and Its my second interview and MY FIRST JOB now. ……. It’s been 1 year and I am about to write a blog, If I think about my interview process, I guess I have followed what I would be saying now unknowingly!!!!!! .
It’s an understanding about WHAT NOT TO USE in an interview process…….
Basically it’s an interview and no doubt there will be a lots of Excitement, Enthusiasm, Curiosity and Nervousness .Make sure you convey your Excitement, Enthusiasm and Curiosity about the Job , it would make the process flow free .Never let your Nervousness dominate the rest of the three and convey that “you are really nervous”,It may be directly or may be through your body language , it would make the interview process end up to be One sided talk than a Mutual Discussion , which might not have a happy ending.
“Never show your desperation” your future Employers may view it as a sign of weakness. An employer wants employees who are seeking a long-term career, not merely a job.”
Interview is give and take process, picking the perfect match either for the employer or the employee, so start a discussion if possible which is related to work. If you are a Fresher out of the University start with what you want to be , why you want to be and so on and if you are already in the field and waiting for a new Start , explain about your previous achievements and “let’s not talk money” on the first instance.
Now this is an obvious question for all those who either are currently in the field or were in the field at past. “Why are you looking out” do explain the reason, be frank enough and no twisted tongue’s and most importantly your answer must never be “My current boss/employer is horrible.” Your interview process might successfully end, with you getting not shortlisted!!!!
Remember solving the problems of your employer will solve your problems .If the conversation is filled up with all your needs then your employer might think you  would cost a bomb to maintain and  highly challenging to work with .
Generally problems may take some time to be cleared, whatever field you are into. Hence the most important aspect being tested either directly or indirectly would be your patience. So be patient and as the quote goes “intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai !!!!!!”.
“Perks are perks “, they are sweeter, but never get it proved at the interview point.  If proved it would not be sweeter any more.
Do ask questions at the end, either it may be small or big and keep in mind a basic thing your question should be related to the work and Company you will be a part off.