“Fab is a technology design firm with its market presence in Europe and US with the technology center based in Pune. We connected with Sanish in early 2012 when Fab wanted to double its technology headcount. I had worked with Sanish before in my previous world and knew from my prior experience that he would be able to help to the recruitment team meet the aggressive targets in a more aggressive timeline. I had no prior experience in hiring for an eCommerce start up firm leave alone its challenging nature. Going to Sanish was the best hiring decision I made as he is knows the market like the back of his hand and has an excelled and a super qualified team which has the fastest turn around time I have ever encountered. His highly talented team helped us hire for all technologies we work on across levels.He and his team not only helped us grow our numbers but also helped me personally learn about the eCommerce job market.

So, CareerXperts for me is this extended hiring team for recruiting quality candidates in aggressive time lines in an efficient way. Thanks CareerXperts! ”