Open Source JVM Clustering

Experience developing large-scale enterprise-class Java applications, Hibernate, Spring, JTA, Lucene, JAAS and/or role-based security, BigMemory, Open Source JVM Clustering , Terracotta Server Array, Ehcache, other Terracotta Products.



1 - 10 Years


BS or equivalent in a quantitative field (e.g. Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science


  • 0.6 years of hands on experience in writing high performing code with exposure to multi-threading, scalability, redundancy, and optimization
  • Outstanding expertise in Computer Science fundamentals like object-oriented design, data structures and algorithm design.
  • Strong expertise with concurrency and/or transactions. Understanding of Internals of Java Threading Model, locking etc
  • Strong knowledge of different data structures- including concurrent structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of NIO, wire protocols, serialization and other network concepts. Experience with the challenges of distributed computing systems would be bonus.
  • Strong experience developing with Java, Java ecosystem related tools- in product which use some of the above concepts.

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