Leader in Big Data – Nothing else goes this big and this fast !

These positions are an opportunity to work on leading Big Data Solutions, which are used in millions of deployed applications.The primary responsibilities of the role are to lead the design and implementation of in-memory data management products including software development, design and architecture to provide innovative product features.

What We Create :

Best in the breed In-Memory Data Storage that is – Leader in Big Data – Nothing else goes this big and this fast -:

  • Large-Scale and Distributed
  • Predictable, Low-Latency
  • Fault-Tolerant, Reliable
  • Consistent.



0 - 12 Years of hands on coding experience.


Skills needed would be some or all of these.

  • Strong expertise with concurrency and / or transactions. Understanding of Internals of Java Threading Model, locking etc.
  • Strong knowledge of different data structures- including concurrent structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of NIO, wire protocols, serialization and other network concepts. Experience with the challenges of distributed computing systems would be bonus.
  • Strong experience developing with Java, Java ecosystem related tools- in product which use some of the above concepts.
  • Good in Software Design and Architecting ( for senior folks)

The mandate here is to hire the TOP 20 Java Enterprise Developers of India. ( Top College – You should have worked for Enterprise Product development companies and more importantly should be very Hands-on)

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