Early Stage Startups : Mobile Cloud E-Commerce

Great code is only beginning. We love that.

Do you enjoy creating solutions for people? Our systems handle information at the scale of web and are loosely coupled, and a state-of-art distributed processing architecture. We are looking for Architects having strong experience in Storm, Kafka, AWS, CouchDB or Redis and hands on.

Distributed Compute, Hazelcast, Restful, concurrency, Cloud Computing, Device Cloud, UIMA, Mobile Scale, Shared Web, Low Latency, HDFS, Elastic Search, AWS, web scale, HDFS, ANTLR, Complex event processing, Scale out.


0 - 10 Years (Strong problem solving skills)


  • Be a leader in the technology space you own.
  • Own core areas or features of the product.
  • Write tens of thousands of lines of code.
  • Experience in SQL, NOSQL databases and Memcache preferred.
  • Experience in working with Big Data and Distributed processing.
  • Working knowledge of Hadoop and Machine Learning/Mahout and Big Data, NoSQL persistence and retrieval.
  • Strong knowledge of different data structures- including concurrent structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of NIO, wire protocols, serialization and other network concepts. Experience with the challenges of distributed computing systems would be bonus.
  • Strong experience in data structures, algorithms, complexities (e.g. Space-time).

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