BD – Sales+Tech Evangelist – Venture Capital – Startup Ecosystem

Venture Capital – Deal Sourcing – Start-Up Ecosystem – Accelerators and Incubators – Start-up Communities – CDNs – Poduct development- Operations-  – Business Modelling – Storage systems.

Very often, the phrase “Technology Evangelist” is seen as counter-intuitive. This is because ‘technology’ is product-centric, hard-skill driven and more often than not, rational whereas an ‘evangelist’ is passion personified, creative, soft-skill driven and people-centric. We do not see this as counter-intuitive but exactly the combination that an ideal Tech Evangelist would bring to the table


4+ years experience on Cloud Computing


  • Strong knowledge of Indian tech / entrepreneurial space
  • Self-assured especially in a large group of people
  • Should have an expert’s understanding of Cloud Computing with hands on experience in the domain for at least 4 years.
  • Experience with and knowledge of the Venture Capital, Accelerators and Incubators community is key.
  • Should have held a revenue target for one’s business unit. While the tech evangelist would be busy front ending the company’s products and technology, the focus on the sales end of the cycle should not be lost on the ideal candidate. Hence, a professional who has carried a personal revenue target is a better candidate for the position.
  • Enjoys making new contacts – affable and outgoing
  • The right person will be technical and analytical, and possess 8+ years of business development enterprise sales, or program/product management experience.
  • Some relevant technical knowledge is needed , such as: database systems, core distributed computing concepts, fundamentals of cloud computing and virtualization, storage systems, content delivery networks (CDNs) etc. with ability to go deep enough on technical aspects to differentiate between varied data storage services.
  • Technology enthusiast – avid follower of technology updates and market trends.

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