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Go Hard or Go Home !

  A simple yet supple term that says more than what it means. Essentially what the message it’s trying to give out is you either commit yourself to whatever you do or you don’t do it at all. Every year a group of thousands of young, talented, strong men and women are chosen from the army to recruit them in… Read more →

Awaiting a “YES” or “NO”

Relishing an evening cup of coffee in a not so crowded but a happening coffee joint, my friend answers a call from one of the many hiring companies where he had recently taken up a job interview. I have been watching him carefully plan his career progression, selecting companies, considering job vacancies, applications, interviews and the most important “follow ups”.… Read more →

Joining a start-up is not fashionable!

What is a start up? It is a vaguely defined terminology and past few years it has been one of the most researched word on the internet Google to be more precise. Let’s take a simplified approach a start up is essentially an organization established for someone’s idea as well as business model to understand how, when and why it’s… Read more →

Must Do’s Before an Interview

An interview is basically a formal interaction which would make even the toughest quake. Let it be the smartest person in your class or the toughest jock who won last year’s football match. Some say it’s a war situation between David and Goliath sort of a situation. However you can even out the odds by doing a few sensible and… Read more →

Are you a Start-Up GUY…?

Now-a-days many of us want to work with the next happening start-up. The equation here is “They’re cool” + “Good fun at work” + “Founded by creative, passionate people” + “out-of-the-box ideas” and of course the opportunity to earn loads of money… I have met many people in my last 11 year career, many of them were exceptionally talented and… Read more →

Tech StartUp Hiring

To initiate a company, your principal confront is hiring credible talent. The players behind your inspiration are the most significant section of the start-up conundrum. Hiring the precise individuals makes all the distinction, predominantly in the premature days. The price of getting the flawed hire is far-flung elevated than the time and cost it takes to hire the accurate person,… Read more →

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website . We hope you like our new look designed to make it easier to find the information that you are looking for. We will be updating this Blog on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the new things happening at CX, as well as regular updates as to what is happening in… Read more →